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Welcome to Germany! This site will provide you with many detailled information about Germany with its geography, history and sights. It shall give you all the information you should know before you travel to this country - including general information, important weblinks and background information.

Furthermore you will find not only links to official and important German sites but also references to private sites. If you need some further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Below you will find summarized information. If you wish to receive detailled information, please use the navigation on the left hand side.

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Germany is located in central Europe and surrounded by the countries Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. It is also bordered by the North and Baltic Sea. The Black Forest belongs not only to the most famous in Germany, but also to the biggest ones. It is located in Bavaria.



The most formative and at the same time most shocking time of Germany was the era of the Third Reich. During this time, democratic principles and human rights were violated and 10 to 12 million innocent people were murdered.

After the burning of the the Reichstag in February 1933, Hitler and his administration got full legislative power because of the so-called Enabling Act. Now Hitler concentrated his attention on establishing a totalitarian state and on misusing the German industry for producing weapons.

Capital Berlin
Language German
Currency Euro [€]
Population 82 million
Chancellor Angela Merkel

Hitler tried to turn his vision of a world wide German race into realilty by waging a war with Poland and later with Britain and France. At the same time millions of Jews were deported into concentration camps where they were forced to work or were killed. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Germany waged a war with the US. After many hard and long battles Hitler and his administration were surrounded in Berlin. He committed suicide in his bunker. His remains have never been found because he was burnt by his fellows. Not only Jews, but also disabled persons and homosexuals were seen as inferior to other people and lost their lives, too.

After the end of the war Germany was completely destroyed. The rebuilding took a lot of time and was only possible with help. The Allies took control over the country and established a new democracy. A strong economy and the membership in the NATO and other supranational alliances made a contribution to a modern and democratic state.

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What is worth seeing in Germany?

If you travel to Germany you will find many interesting and great places. Old buildings with an extraordinary architecture on the one hand and a beautiful landscape on the other hand turn Germany into an attractive destination. Below you will find an overview of the most interesting cities and places in Germany:

Berlin (Homepage - English Version)

Berlin has a population of 3.4 million people and is the 2nd biggest city in Europe. Furthermore the city has been the Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1990. Especially tourists appreciate the multicultural flair and the architectural attractive building such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor or the Siegessäule

buildings: Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Siegessäule, Gedächtniskirche, Holokaust Denkmal

recreation: Tiergarten, Hotel Adlon, Wannsee

helpful weblinks about Berlin:

München (Homepage - English Version)

buildings: Peterskirche, Rathaus, Frauenkirche, Viktualienmarkt, Hofbräuhaus

museums: Alte / Neue Pinakothek, German Museum

helpul weblinks about Munich:

The Reichstag in Berlin

view on Munich

Castle Neuschwanstein

>> more pictures of Germany

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